Project Description

Valve kits:

Valve adapters

Mechanical partial stroke:

Partial Stroke*★▲

Electric Partial stroke: solenoids

Electric Partial stroke: limit switched and/or positioners

Electric Partial Stroke with tailor-made push button enclosure

Mechanical partial stroke: Valve Adapter with key
Dynatorque Mechanical partial stroke (see catalog)
Dynatorque PST (see IOM)
Netherlocks FAITH partial stroke testing device (see brochure)

Gears | Manual Valve Operators *★▲

Gear Operators
Rotork gears (see catalog)
Rotork subsea gears (see catalog)
Cameron Dynatorque gear operators (see catalog)
Cameron Dynatorque multiturn bevel gears (see catalog)
Dynatorque Mechanical partial stroke (see catalog)
Sambo Worm Gears WG Series (see catalog)
Sambo Worm Gears SE Series (see catalog)
Sambo Bevel Gears SB Series (see catalog)
Diamond gears (see catalog)

Spring-Return Handles
Valve Indicators

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