Fusion: Smart Wireless Valve Monitoring Sensors

Houston, TX U.S.A FLOCONX, LLC. is proud to announce partnership with Trisense S.A to promote and distribute Wireless valve position monitoring sensors. At FLOCONX, LLC we believe this new technology will increase productivity, safety and reduce operational costs at industrial facilities. This state of the art technology works just as easy with multi turn or [...]

2019-06-08T20:15:42+00:00September 10, 2018|

Remington Severe Service Ball valves: Announcement

Sept. 7, 2018 Houston, TX U.S.A FLOCONX, LLC. is proud to announce that we have reach an agreement to work with Remington Valve, LLC as a factory authorized and representative distributor. FLOCONX, LLC. is authorized to represent and distribute Remington Metal Seated Ball Valves for severe service applications throughout Latin American Region. The founders of [...]

2019-06-08T20:15:42+00:00September 7, 2018|
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