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FLOCONX LLC, known as FLOCONX, is a USA Flow Control company with headquarters in Houston, TX

[U.S.A], with domestic and International sales channels that prides in providing the highest quality products, services, engineering, distribution and logistics in flow control solutions. We are specialized in providing expedited solutions for the industry.

Our unique business model combines our experience of working with the highest quality products and services available in the market. Efficiency at capital projects and/or MRO (Maintenance | Repair | Operations) level is our mission and objective. Our extensive inventory, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) support, and our capabilities of supplying compression | pumping  | LACT | Hydraulic Power units, provers , valves, automation, piping, meters, instruments, industrial solutions, service and logistics allows us to provide tailor made solutions to the needs of our customers. We support expansions of facilities , upgrades and/or maintenance programs ( immediate | predictive | preventive stages)  in order to provide safety, cost savings, supply chain solutions and process optimization to our customers.

Our team of Project Managers & Engineers, are certified by the most challenging Engineering Universities in the US & around the world,  dedicating themselves to develop your tailor made solutions to fit your specific needs. Just in time. Just when you need it.

We are a specialty company that provides the highest customer service, with simplified distribution by combining expedited logistics solutions, Engineered skids and we thrive on serving our customers and their projects.

We cover process applications in the oil & gas, mining, power Generation, marine, food & specialty industrial processes.

Flow Control, our passion.